About Us

With a focus on improving advanced medical care during rescue and extrication operations of critically injured victims of motor vehicle collisions on Georgia’s highways, the Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services (GAEMS) and the Georgia Emergency Medical Services Preparedness Foundation (GEMSPF) worked to develop strategic plan to better equip Georgia’s rescue professionals with the knowledge and skill set to help improve outcomes for those individuals affected by these major traumatic events. This skill sets includes all the resources needed to increase the knowledge and tactics of rescue personnel, so that when engaged in active extrication operations they will be able to remove critically injured patients, who are trapped in motor vehicles after collisions, very rapidly, more efficiently and safer than ever before, all while providing advanced emergency medical care throughout the rescue operation.

The Georgia Trauma Commission provides preparedness funding yearly to Georgia’s EMS Stakeholders to better enable and prepare them to provide care to trauma patients. As a collaborative effort, these two organizations provided this plan to the Georgia Trauma Commission and received funding to develop and initiate this training in Georgia.

During the initial planning process, a steering committee of volunteers was assembled. This team consisted of Fire and EMS leaders in vehicle extrication from throughout the state. This steering committee set the foundation for what we are doing today. It was determined that a “train-the-trainer” format would be the best method to initiate this new level of extrication training. These train-the-trainer programs prepare participants to teach NFPA 1001, 1006, & 1670 compliant Operations and Technician level vehicle extrication courses. Soon after the train-the-trainer programs were started, the demand quickly arose for provider level operations and technician courses. These courses have been developed and are on schedule to begin by the end of 2016.  In addition to these courses an additional more advanced, “Extreme Extrication” course has also been developed, and the pilot for this was completed in June of 2016, with more courses being scheduled.

Also during the initial planning it was decided to bring in a leading authority on vehicle extrication, to help develop this new training concept for Georgia, after all, times were changing, vehicles were changing, the challenges that our rescuers were facing were changing. It was extremely important to the steering committee that this individual had a vast knowledge and experience in Fire and EMS operations, as well as being a leading instructor in vehicle extrication. This individual had to posses the expertise far more than that of just an instructor, this person had to have the “street-level” experience and knowledge to overcome the challenges that our rescue personnel in Georgia were currently facing. After an international search for someone to help develop this new level of training in Georgia, Brock Archer accepted the challenge. Brock’s solution to our needs has proven extremely successful time and time again. We continue to provide leading, cutting-edge vehicle extrication training for Georgia’s Rescue Professionals, free of charge, with the funding provided by the Georgia Trauma Commission. Our focus is and will remain to improve outcomes for trauma patients in Georgia. 


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